We've got a great kitlist for the Inventorthon - Bring your own disaster event! 

  • Videowalls (x2);  both with 24 cores, 256GB RAM and at least three nvidia Quadro K6000 graphics cards
  • Oculus Rift
  • Kinect 2 for Windows sensors (x2)
  • A Leap Motion sensor
  • Multiple large touchscreen devices
  • A Microsoft Surface Table (SUR40, not to be confused with a tablet!)
  • A Microsoft Gadgeteer Kit, including loads of modules
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices
  • Powerwall 3D project suite
  • Ovei pod, a surround sound immersion system
  • AIS transceivers, a safety of life at sea transponder system
  • 3D screens
  • Parrot AR Drone
  • A transparent rear projected touchscreen

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